Dhania (Coriander),100 gram

Dhania ( Coriander), 100 gram

Spices are the soul of Indian cooking. Whether it is a simple or special dish, the use of some type of spice imparts a unique flavour to the recipe it is added to. In addition, these spices are also used for health and medicinal purposes, help in digestion and provide many beauty aids. Coriander seed is one such spice that is used in most Indian dishes because of its flavourful, cooling and medicinal properties. Made with dried seeds of cilantro plant, this fresh and light spice is often referred to as a miracle spice, thanks to its amazing health benefits.
Treat stomach disorders: Coriander seeds are used to treat stomach disorders. They can soothe an upset stomach, treat indigestion and relieve intestinal gas. Coriander seeds also relieve constipation. They have been shown to increase bowel movements. The aromatic oil in coriander seeds is a digestive stimulant. The seeds contain a natural antibiotic that protects against food-borne illnesses too.

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