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Tougher than 9H
High quality, Unbreakable and flexible camera lens protector. It is thinner and stronger than tempered. Fully transparent with no impact on a visual display, It does not break. Latest technology in phone camera lens protectors - impossible glass camera lens protection. This is not tempered glass. Rather this is an improved glass sheet that is unbreakable and thinner than tempered glass. Scratch Proof and give 100% protection to your screen.
Save Your Phone Camera from Scratches Hard 9H Protector for your Smartphone. Excellent Finish. Perfect Fit.
Bubble Proof.
Scratch Resistant, High Glossy Camera Protector.
Gloss Finish
Touch Sensitive

Back Screen Protector
Wet Wipe
size_map: Small
Shipping Weight: 0.1GR
Display Width: 14CM
Item Display Height: 17CM
max_order_quantity: 2
condition_type: New
material_type1: Plastic


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