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OW’Real Ginger Chai is a refreshing mix of strong Black Tea and punchy Ginger. Black Tea keeps you active and alert due to its high caffeine content.

It is also good for the digestive system due to the presence of tannins.

Ginger helps fight various respiratory ailments and inflammation caused by environmental allergens.

Powerful antioxidants in Ginger help strengthen your immunity.

Quantity: 100 grams (Loose form)

Place one teaspoonful per cup (120 ml) in a teapot or cup. Pour boiling water directly and infuse for 3-5 minutes. Add sweetener if desired. Strain & serve. the strength when serving iced. Best when consumed without milk.

1. Black tea leaves 2. Ginger

We use authentic organic Darjeeling black tea. Organic Wellness manufacturing unit is situated in a remote village in Bundelkhand (central India), away from the pollution of big cities.

Every product helps a marginalized farmer. Our customers receive good health and blessings from our farmers.


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