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Organic Wellness Amla C+ is renowned for its Immunity boosting properties and Anti-aging benefits and is an excellent organic supplement during weather changes and winter seasons. According to Ayurveda, weather fall and early cold seasons are characterized by Vata Dosha. In Vata Dosha, there is a predominance of cold, dry, rough, light, mobile, subtle, clear, dry, and astringent qualities, all of which can be harsh on the system. Furthermore, aggravation of Vata can spread easily to the other two Doshas and lead to lower immunity and resilience, which is the pathway to disease and aging. Prevention is the primary approach emphasized in Ayurveda to stay in balance during this seasonal transition, and Amalaki is the most popular ancient ally from Ayurveda for health and vitality.

Low immune states

✔Chronic and recurring, Cough, Cold, and Fever

✔Allergy or Skin Infection

✔Hyper-acidity, Oral Ulcer

✔Bleeding Gums

✔Eye Disorders


✔Vegetable cellulose 90 capsules in a Glass bottle (keep it safe and ensures quality and benefits)

Dosage and Directions:

✔1-2 capsules with food and water twice a day for at least 3 months or as directed by a healthcare provider. Safe for long-term use

✔Can be taken as a precautionary supplement


✔Organic Amalaki fruit (Scientific name Phyllanthus Emblica) 500 mg

✔Vegetable cellulose capsules

Organic Wellness Amla C+ capsules can be used as a preventive supplement and helpful for all gender and age above 12 years,

✔Organic Amla is the purest form of Vitamin C and it enriches you from within by making the blood vessels stronger and thicker

✔Anti-inflammatory properties: Amla is known for its anti-inflammatory properties, it reduces the acid level in the stomach and fights inflammation

✔Anti aging properties and promotes beautiful skin: One important benefit of Amla is that it is considered the first and foremost food for anti-aging. Consuming Capsules on a daily basis is the secret behind the slow aging process and beautiful skin

✔Great blood purifier: Amla acts as a great blood purifier. Regular consumption of Amla helps in increasing your hemoglobin naturally

✔Great for your hair: Is Amla is good for hair? Of course! Amla capsules are great for hair. It not only cures hair fall but also dandruff


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