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Hand mixing juice, buttermilk, milk.
This Hand Blender/Beater/whisker Made From Good And High Quality Plastic And Stainless Steel
Salient features: Easy to grip, high speed operation, Extra durability, Heavy gear system, Quick to clean, Multi-purpose blades,
Easy to store,
Package Content: Power Free ABS Plastic Egg Beater Lassi Butter Milk Maker Mixer Hand Blender.</li>
Product Dimensions: 05 x 12 x 31 cm; 0.25 Grams

Ideal Usage:

Churning milk shake, lassi, butter milk etc. Exclusive product and we assure you. beating-cream, egg etc. Liquidizing-tomato soup, Dal etc.
Material &amp; Content: The wavy blade mechanism is made of high quality stainless steel meaning hot liquids are not a problem, and the durable blades will withstand years of frequent use and ABS plastic body is lifelong durable.

Wash quickly: You get best results when the blender is easily cleaned right away, when everything washes off easily and without trying to get into small crevices.
Best in Work: The blender works best when it has enough liquid or sauce to move around and blend. The higher the volume of stuff to blend, the better.
Manual Hand operated power free hand blender
Ideal Usage: Beating-Cream, Egg, cakes, coffee.


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